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Available downloads

For those who prefer working with plain files we offer three such files for a direct download:

  • A complete set of rectangular coordinates and velocity components of all 825 considered potential perturbers in a heliocentric, Galactic reference frame, additionally with a total perturber mass in the last column. For a detailed description on how these positions and velocity were obtained see our paper: 2015MNRAS.449.2459D. In the first two columns we included our internal code of the perturber and its name.
    • Download the above mentioned file here.
  • A complete list of Sun — star (or stellar system) encounter parameters for all 825 considered objects. This is a result of the numerical integration of ALL these objects and the Sun SIMULTANEOUSLY, taking into account all gravitational mutual interactions and the Galactic overall potential. This calculation was performed in a Galactocentric frame and details are also available in the above mentioned paper. In each row we present: the minimal distance between the Sun and a perturber, an epoch of the encounter (negative for past events), a relative velocity during an encounter and a mass of the perturber. In the first two columns we included our internal code of the perturber and its name and the whole file is sorted by a minimal distance.
    • Download this file here
  • The third file available for download is a complete dump of all input data for all 858 singular objects in the database, i.e. positions, proper motions, radial velocities, parallaxes as well as the mass and heliocentric distance estimations. This set consists of 787 single stars and 71 components of multiple objects. For all values both uncertainties (where available) and sources are also included. For components of P1008, P1024, P1037, and P1069 there are no input data in our database since the systemic Galactic position and velocity components, as well as their total masses, were taken from the literature.
    • Download this file here