List of objects in the StePPeD database (version 3.2) that have the WDS indentifier

The list is sorted lexicographically by WDS identifiers.

Our object codes in the left column are links to our cross identification page on a specific object.

P1076-AWDS J01388-1758A
P1076WDS J01388-1758AB
P1076-BWDS J01388-1758B
P5000WDS J01395-0612
P5000-AWDS J01395-0612A
P5000-BWDS J01395-0612B
P1006WDS J02390-5811AB
P1007WDS J02572-2458
P1007-ABWDS J02572-2458AB
P1007-CDWDS J02572-2458Ca,Cb
P0017WDS J03105-6836A
P1011WDS J04383+5347AB
P1019-AWDS J05239-0052A
P1019WDS J05239-0052A,BC
P1019-BCWDS J05239-0052BC
P0040WDS J05365+1120
P0040-AWDS J05365+1120A
P0040-BWDS J05365+1120B
P0143WDS J06001+0242A
P0403WDS J07200-0847
P0403-ABWDS J07200-0847AB
P0404WDS J08589+0829
P0404-ABWDS J08589+0829AB
P2037WDS J09191-4128AB
P0457WDS J14164+1348A
P1037-AWDS J14396-6050A
P1037WDS J14396-6050AB
P1037-BWDS J14396-6050B
P1037-CWDS J14396-6050C
P0110WDS J18498-2350A
P1069-AWDS J22280+5742A
P1069WDS J22280+5742AB
P1069-BWDS J22280+5742B